Learning to Surrender

Even though I write in a gratitude journal to help me focus on the positive things in my life, there are some days when I get frustrated and tired of dealing with my weak muscles.  On days like that the song that Carrie Underwood sings, Jesus take the wheel, often comes to mind.  It so simply conveys the idea of surrender to a higher power.

Yet, putting this idea into practice was a real struggle for me.

I recently began experiencing pain in my leg.   For the first week, I was hoping it would go away.  After 3 weeks, it was still there and I was not happy about having to see my doctor.  I remembered reading an article which suggested that if you say to yourself, “I accept ________” and fill in the blank with whatever is bothering you, it can really help you to surrender and give up control.   I do better if I actually write things down, so I wrote, “I accept that I have pain in my leg and I don’t want to go to the doctor “.   I still have pain in my leg, but much to my surprise,  my attitude changed from not wanting to seek treatment to looking forward to finding the cause or relieving the pain.

According to Panache Desai, a spiritual teacher, if you do this daily, you begin to stop judging yourself and the situation.  Instead, on a subconscious level,  you begin to recognize the sacredness of yourself and allow yourself to connect with your true spiritual self, which is all love and all good.

When I feel myself getting frustrated or angry, I take a deep breath, get my gratitude journal and  write down what I need to stop resisting and simply accept at that moment.  Already I feel like I have less bad days, and I am a little better at dealing with situations which were difficult for me in the past.

It takes 21 days to form a habit.  Now I am looking forward to this practice becoming a habit so I can try it when I get mad at my husband.  .  .  .  . 😉


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2 Responses to Learning to Surrender

  1. I feel exactly like that a lot of times, and it’s really frustrating. A lot of the things I could do with ease, are becoming more and more difficult, and I feel like I didn’t even notice when all of the sudden I couldn’t do a certain task that I could before. What kind of leg pain do you have? I’m developing sciatica pain on my left leg, and went to therapy for a few weeks to learn some stretches I could do to ease the pain. They actually work for me. Although it can be difficult, once you adapt to being positive, it feels really liberating. Maybe that’s something to look forward to with being more positive or easier on yourself, liberation. 🙂


    • contented cat says:

      check out my old blog for easy recipes – I only tweet the quotes from it now. I have a page, “my wheelchair does not define me” – http://jaderoseboutique.blogspot.com/
      Turns out my leg pain is from a muscle knot, which I got massaged out and is improving. Heat and stretching helps me as well. And MSM supplement
      daily is a MUST. Even then, ibuprofen and tylenol don’t always work. Acupuncture helped me with sciatica in the past. When all else fails, a shot of brandy in tea, or baileys in coffee is a great relief – as long as I limit it to one or the other ONCE a day!
      Healing meditations help me stay calm and relaxed so that the frustration does not get the better of me.


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