God is Love and Compassion – in all Religions

I just love this true story recounted by my new Facebook friend, Fazz on our MD Community page,

“One of my best friends is Chinese and he is a Buddhist. One day he asked whether I pray or not. I said with my condition(Muscular Dystrophy -ALS), I pray at home. The next day, he came by to my place and offered to take me to a mosque. From the car, he wheeled me to the door of the praying hall, where I transferred myself to a wheelchair provided by the mosque before entering.  As is the custom, we removed our shoes.  He sat quietly at one corner not far from me while I performed my prayers – it feels different in the mosque.

After I was done with my prayers, we left the mosque and sat on a bench outside.  Seeing me struggle to put my shoes back on, he bent down, took my feet and helped me put on my shoes. I was touched by his gestures. Although we are of different faiths, he demonstrates the quality of a true friend.

How often do you see a Buddhist guy wheeling his Malay friend into a mosque to pray?”


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a powerful light worker, intuitive medium, and coach. She lives with the daily challenge of muscular dystrophy and shares the wisdom she receives from the Divine Source of all that is, bringing joy to the lives of others.
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