“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” — Tony Robbins

I was so angry when I applied for Social Security disability benefits.   This was not what I planned!  I wanted more money in the bank – I wanted to retire at 65.  I was afraid that we would not have enough money to have a few extras in our retirement.   In short, I needed to let go of my fears and accept the fact that life is Plan B.

Blocking out anger did not work – it just got me depressed.   Then I remembered the idea of a gratitude journal, which Oprah spoke about.  It was in the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Breathnach.  Every day I wrote down 5 things that I was grateful for, even if it was only for my family, cat, and the fact that I was still able to get out of bed without assistance.  Soon my perception shifted – I got my optimistic outlook back!

Now I only need to write in my gratitude journal once in a while, when I feel melancholy.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a powerful light worker, intuitive medium, and coach. She lives with the daily challenge of muscular dystrophy and shares the wisdom she receives from the Divine Source of all that is, bringing joy to the lives of others.
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