I have had the best week ever.  Even those around me noticed that I seemed to be more alert and energetic.  I made one simple change – I spent last Sunday focusing on the idea that I will commit to perfect health.  On the same day,  I happened to catch a show on the television that featured a doctor saying that he began his day by drinking an 8 – 16 ounces of water.   What he said made sense – that our bodies are mostly composed of water, and while we sleep we are not replenishing our fluids.  It stands to reason that in the morning the best thing we can do for our bodies is to drink water and rehydrate.

I started on Monday morning with an 8 ounce glass of water.  I felt so good that I did it again on Tuesday.  Somehow it was easier for me to replace my second mug of coffee with a mug of herbal tea.  I had been telling myself to do it, but  it was difficult for me – I resisted because I love love love coffee, even though I seem to have developed a problem with acid reflux.  By drinking herbal teas I can cut back on the antacids prescribed by my doctor.  It’s a win win situation!

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a powerful light worker, intuitive medium, and coach. She lives with the daily challenge of muscular dystrophy and shares the wisdom she receives from the Divine Source of all that is, bringing joy to the lives of others.
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