A New Tradition

I hate endings.  I always get a dull feeling in my stomach which indicates to me that I must accept what is and move on.  As I get older, it gets easier to drop my resistance and go with the flow, but it still requires a conscious choice that I feel I do not really want to make.  As I look back on 2014, with the deaths of my mom and my father-in-law, I feel the need to focus more on what I am grateful for.  It is the best way for me to keep from dwelling on my sadness.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of gratitude is my husband and daughter.  Then I remembered something my daughter said, and I wished I could call my mom and father-in-law, who would have loved to hear it.  I had purchased a new phone when my old one died.  I have no interest in smart phones, because I am usually at home with easy access to my laptop and Kindle.  I just need to make phone calls and text.  I thought I had purchased the same phone that I had before, but a it was an upgraded model.  I had so much trouble adapting to it, that I finally gave it to my daughter and asked for help.  After about 5 minutes of playing around, she said something which is what all of us baby boomers, who grew up before computers and smart phones, long to hear, “Mom, it’s not you.  It’s your phone!”

So at least I say goodbye to 2014 with a chuckle.  And now I  focus on a new beginning, with the new phone my kid bought me for Christmas!

This year we are starting a new tradition in our home – New Year’s Day dinner is the same as Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday ever since the first of my five sisters moved away.  It was a weekend when we were all together again at Mom’s house. So much fun, laughter, food, and love.  Now that we are all older and have our own families, I cherish the memories of those weekends.

There is no better way to begin the new year than with the reminder to be grateful for everything we have.   Mom would love the idea.


About Betti

Crocheting, designing, and sharing my patterns to warm your body, your heart, and your home.
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