Healthy Popcorn Perfectly Popped

Several years ago when my cholesterol went up and I learned that Monsanto had genetically modified corn, I tossed my electric popcorn popper .  The scientists had the best of intentions – they succeeded in making corn disease resistant and as a result gave a lot of people around the world food that they may not have had otherwise – but many people, like me, are sensitive to additives and GMOs.


A few months ago I discovered organic popcorn at the grocery store.  I was delighted and immediately put it into the cart.  On the way home I was wondering how I was going to pop it, since I no longer had a popcorn popper.  I searched for recipes and found a great one.  Unfortunately, I had to play around and adjust the heat.  I either heated the oil too much or not enough.  And coconut oil in solid form is a pain to measure, when you have to watch your intake of saturated fats.  I found fractionated coconut oil, which stays liquid.  I use coconut oil because it does not break down at high temperatures and it has little or no effect on cholesterol levels in the blood.  Organic corn is better quality corn and most, if not all, of the kernels pop.

I use a big stock pot with little vent holes at the top.

Here is my recipe:

  •       3 TBSP fractionated coconut oil
  •       1/3 cup organic popcorn

Heat the oil with 3 kernels in it on medium heat a little on the high side.  On my electric stove, I put the knob between 4 and 5 o’clock.  I guess for digital people, I should say 23 minutes into the hour?

When they pop, if they burn, you know to lower the heat a bit.  Remove the pot from the heat, add all the kernels, cover, and wait 30 seconds.  I count  – one thousand, two thousand, up to 30.

Place the pot back on the burner and wait.  Soon the kernels will begin to pop.  Give the pot a shake every so often.  When the popping slows down, remove it from the heat.  Keep the lid on until all the popping stops.

Top with your favorite herbs, spices, or chocolate.  I splurge and melt a tablespoon of butter with just a little salt.

I was so psyched to finally get it right.  I thought I was in heaven.  Until I noticed a puddle of water on the floor.  The pipe under the kitchen sink sprung a major leak.  So thankful I did not slip and fall.  Especially since I can’t get up!  Looking on the bright side, my husband is always happy to stop for cheese steaks on his way home!   The benefit of living outside of Philly, where the best cheese steaks are sold.



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