How I lost weight without trying – Step 2


Step Two – Reframe your thoughts in a positive statement and imagine how you want to feel.

Instead of saying, “I am fat, I need to lose 20 pounds.”

Say, “I feel healthy and energetic every day.”  Then take a moment to imagine how good you are going to feel when you have more energy.

I have always watched my weight.  I used to get on the scale every day to make sure I did not gain a single pound.  I wanted to walk better and stay out of a wheelchair.  Co-workers used to tell me that I did not eat enough for lunch. Maybe it looked that way, but I ate 5 small meals each day instead of 3 big ones.   I just felt better when I did not feel too full.  I felt energetic and awake when I ate less.  Feeling full always made me want to take an afternoon nap, which I couldn’t do at work.

I ended up in a wheelchair anyway, and found that I had be even more careful because it is super easy to pack on the pounds when you are sitting most of the time.  I just happened to see a show on reframing your statements, so I tried it.  I stopped saying that I had to stop eating if I wanted to stay out of my wheelchair longer.  I began to tell myself that if I ate less and weighed less, I would be able to walk further.

A few years later I learned about setting intentions.  Apparently our brains believe what we tell them.  It is so important to give our brains positive messages about ourselves.  In fact it is essential for healing.  If you set your intention in the present tense, it is more easily manifested.  In other words, it is more likely to become your reality.

If you add feeling the way you want to feel and not only thinking of your intention in the present tense, your brain and therefore your body must follow suit.  It’s just the way we are wired.  Scientists are learning more and more about the importance of positivity.

I changed my statement to, “I am healthy and strong and feel energetic.”  Then I imagine myself walking through the house without a cane for stability.  I noticed a difference immediately!  It was a lot easier to reach for an apple than for the bag of potato chips.



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