Are you in a painfull situation? Here’s how to Reduce your Suffering

I just saw Tony Robbins share his technique for reducing pain and suffering on Super Soul Sunday, and added my tips that work best for me.

Bring to your mind a situation that is causing you pain.  Rate it by giving it a number on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the highest anguish possible.

Take 3 deep breaths, in through your nose and out your mouth.

Imagine a rope coming out of your feet, going down, down, deep into the core of the earth, where there are many sparkling crystals.  It wraps around one of them and as you inhale, you pull up strength from the earth.  You are grounded.

Now imagine you are reaching up to the sky and radiant light comes down from the sun and the sky, into your heart.

Place your hand on your heart and feel it doing its magnificent job pumping blood throughout your entire body.  See the white light spreading from your heart  throughout your body. overflowing into the space surrounding you, forming a radiant sphere.

Think of something for which you are grateful – a loved one, a coincidence, a situation. or anything that brings you happiness and joy.  Put yourself in the situation – step into the moment and visualize yourself being there. Focus on how you feel.  Hold that feeling for a minute.

Think of two more, one at a time and each time see yourself there. Bask in the good, warm feelings.

Now bring up the situation that is causing you pain.  Think “All I need to remember, feel, focus on, and/or do is ___________________________.

Your heart knows the answer.  Trust it.

Now bring up the painful situation again, and rate the intensity of your pain.

You have connected the energy of your heart with the energy of your brain to alter your nervous system.  It works because you cannot feel gratitude and pain at the same time.

I just did it and reduced my pain from a 7 to a 1!  It never ceases to amaze me, whenever I do an exercise like this.  I love this one from Tony Robbins because you can do it anywhere.

When dealing with a highly emotionally charged situation, I find it helpful to sit outside facing the sun, feeling the warmth of the rays on my skin.

Try it, and feel free to share your results, or ask a question if you need help.



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Crocheting, designing, and sharing my patterns to warm your body, your heart, and your home.
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