Celebrating my self-healing process!

It’s been a while since I posted about my journey.  Why?  Because my experience has been so unbelievable that I could not even put it into words.

Last year I joined the group Your Year of Miracles with Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman.  I was interested in the webcasts on healing.   I thought that if I could just stop the slow deterioration of my muscles I would be happy.  Today I am outright joyful at the prospect of reversing the progression of this disease.

As a result of all I have learned since joining this amazing group, I have finally reversed the deterioration I have experienced as a result of muscular dystrophy.  I no longer have to lie down and rest by 10:30 AM.  I can stand without holding on for balance.  My endurance has tripled – I went from being able to be on my feet to make dinner from  only 20 minutes at a time to 45 minutes to an hour!  I also can walk across my kitchen without the use of a cane, and without leaning on the counters.



About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a powerful light worker, intuitive medium, and coach. She lives with the daily challenge of muscular dystrophy and shares the wisdom she receives from the Divine Source of all that is, bringing joy to the lives of others.
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