I’m on a mission.  I have come to know that love is all that matters in the end.  Loving others and being loved by others begins with loving yourself.  To that end, I am guided by Spirit to post inspiration and affirmations each day with the intention of helping you to love yourself and in so doing bring more loving energy to the world.  I wish you infinite love, peace, and joy.

You are here for a reason.  I can help you find the answers you seek.  My goal is to share my gift with as many people as possible by answering questions about love and relationships, abundance, health, emotional blocks to success, and any seemingly random questions you may have.  You can purchase a reading by email at a reasonable price: DivineLoveDivineLife

Recently I decided to embrace my abilities to connect with the Divine to share what I have been shown and became a certified intuitive communicator.  I have studied and developed my 6th sense perception.  I can sense and feel your energy field as well as the spirits that are surrounding you and give you the information you need to enjoy a life of healing, peace, contentment, and joy.

After limitations caused by muscular dystrophy forced me into retirement from a career as a benefits administrator, I began a meditation practice. As my body slowly deteriorated and I spent more time connecting with the Infinite Creator in meditation, I found my awareness expanding beyond the five senses.  After my mother passed I found myself meditating even more so that we could connect on the spiritual plane.  I then found that I was being guided to a healing process that reversed the progression of muscular dystrophy in my body.  My endurance has tripled – I spend less time resting on my bed, more time sitting up in my wheelchair, and I can now walk with the use of a cane in my house.



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  1. beetlehead says:

    Wow…you are an amazing woman.


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