On Letting Go

So often I hear “it is what it is”.  I get that idea, but to really truly accept things as they are and totally let go of emotions is a lot harder than saying those words.

What does it mean to let it go?  How do I accept that I am not able to work?  These are questions that took me a year to answer – I had to learn to let go of one thing at a time.

I don’t believe in accidents.  I believe that if I decide I want to learn something, it will happen.  How it happened for me is that I turned on Oprah and saw Eckhart Tolle and was motiveated to read his book, A New Earth.  And so I continued my spiritual journey.  I started meditating for at least 3 minutes a day, beginning with 3 deep breaths, feeling my heart beating, and clearing my mind of thoughts.  Gradually I was able to do it for longer periods of time.  I soon realized that I felt much better when I took the time to simply stop thinking and be still, even if it was only for a few minutes at a time.

It all begins with taking a few deep breaths and embracing the mystery of those breaths – I don’t understand how all the cells in my body work, but I know I keep breathing!  I knew that I could not control my situation – just my attitude towards my situation.

Looking back, I can honestly say that I am grateful for Plan B, because I learned things I never would have understood had everything gone the way I had planned.


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2 Responses to On Letting Go

  1. arkansasrose says:

    I can’t believe I happened upon your blog today. I say “It is what it is” so often. Earlier today I said it and It annoyed my friends so much. I don’t know why they hate it. They can’t explain it to me. Maybe they think it means I’ve given up on life or succeeding.

    For me, it doesn’t mean I give up on trying to change what I can, it merely means I accept and embrace that which I cannot change and make the best of it. I’ve never meditated, or I don’t believe I have. Maybe I have. Sometimes, I have to turn off everything and just sit in the quiet until my emotion and mind stays still.

    As you said, “It is what it is” isn’t always easy, but I find my limitations and problems less overwhelming when I am able to not just say those words, but live by them.


  2. Betti says:

    I get tired of the phrase because I hear it so much. I am all for the idea behind it and I agree with you. Being still, meditation, centering prayer – all get the job done!
    I just read your post on your mom and saw no place to reply, so I hope somehow this gets to you – I just lost my Mom. I had the same issue with her in the past, only it was pastries! She also was on a fixed budget and for some reason could not hear me tell her to stop bringing them. It is tough when you both mean well but can’t seem to connect. If it happened now, I would simply toss the pastries into the trash. Guilt gets us nowhere.


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