Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I began looking at the anti-inflammatory diet about 2 years ago. After doing a meditation on health with the help of Deepak Choprah and Oprah Winfrey,  I set my intention to be healthy and eat well, and meditated on it at least once a week.  In a few months time I found myself cutting back on sugar and dairy without even trying.

I feel so much better – I have more energy and need less sleep.  If you had told me 2 years ago that I would prefer my coffee with no sugar in it, I would not have believed you!

Now, all I have to do is replace one of my mugs of coffee with herbal tea that is non- acidic,  That is proving to be a little more difficult.  But at least I cut back to 3 mugs a day.

Dr. Weil has a great chart showing the Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid on his web-site.  It is a lot different from the one we were taught in school in the 1950’s!


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Crocheting, designing, and sharing my patterns to warm your body, your heart, and your home.
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